Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rambling Routines

One of the interesting transitions in my life has been going from being part of a family group who made fun of the family patriarch, to being the partriarch who is made fun of.  Donna's dad was highly loved and respected, but that just made teasing him or making fun of his peculiarities that much more fun.  We knew he saw it as a display of love.  All his children and their spouses, still have wonderful warm memories of Dean and the things we made fun of that really made us love him even more.
The last several years (can you say decade) - since all our adult kids have gotten married - it has been interesting to hear all of them (especially spouses) make fun of my "unique" way of doing things.  It started with pointing out and laughing at the different emphasis I put on some words or syllables with the vocal tone going up rather than staying flat.  It's hard to explain because I don't hear it or know what they are talking about.  I feel certain they would be more than happy to demonstrate an example for you.  I have a feeling it's from my northern roots/Roots in some way or another.
They know, and of course make fun of, my love of routines.  Yes, I plead guilty, and can only say, "wait until you have another 20 or 30 years, and then tell me how you feel about routines."  In all fairness, I am more than willing to shake up my routines if the cause is worthwhile (i.e. vacations, family visiting, bowhunting, etc.)  I like it when things go as expected.  It's comforting and it's peaceful.  What's wrong with that?  I've said it before, but the reason I like routines - only in some areas of my life - is because there are things I don't want to waste time making decisions about.  I don't need multiple choices of what kind of coffee to fix first thing in the morning, I don't need to spend time mulling around what's next on my schedule, and I don't need to spent time trying to think of a new restaurant to go to when I know what I like and what I want.  There's another reason, closely related to that,  for why I like some routines in my life - I simply have things I'd rather concentrate on, think about, fugure out, or solve some problems.  I like thinking time.  I thrive on being creative.  I love exploring new ideas.  I truly enjoy coming up with a new way to approach God's will and understanding his Word.  Routines give me the time I need to keep moving - doing what needs to be done, but still allow me to have important things churning in my head.
I was actually thinking about all this as I went through my morning clean-up-and-get-ready-to-go-to-the-office routine today.  I had two thoughts that jumped into my head at nearly the same time.  First, "aren't routines nice?"  The second thought was something like this, "I sure hope my communication with God, my study of his Word, and my ministry for him never becomes a routine!"
There ya go.  The Good, the Bad, and - the ugly is - I can see the day approaching when a nap just may have to be part of my daily routine.  I can hear the jokes already.
And by the way, unlike my quiet, reserved, and sainly father-in-law - all my kids know I can and will dish it out as good as I take it.  Some things don't always stay the same.

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Elizabeth said...

Love it! You know we love you! And, you know I love routines. The only reason I don't have more routines is because I have four children who make every moment different from the last.