Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Deep Dozen

I have always been blessed with having lots of very gracious members who are so good about mentioning how much my lessons have helped them in some way.  It is always so encouraging to hear comments that not only talk in generalities, but specifically mention something that truly touched them and helped them in their walk with God.  This has been especially true with this last series about Living A Life That Counts.  Each week I had  several people comment about how they were helped and enlightened by something I shared.  I was especially encouraged to have some young adults even make a positive comment. They're a tough crowd to please, but one I try hard to include.  I have mentioned to several people about how challenging the series has been, and how thankful I've been to have six decades of experience/life to draw from as I put each lesson's principle together.  If I had done this series ten years ago, it would have been a lot different - not wrong - just different.  I really like knowing that they have been so helpful to so many.  If copies of the CDs and the sermon outlines being grabbed is an indicator of how well they have been received, then it has been a really good series.  But, as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I am praying and thinking about using these lessons as the foundation of a book on that subject.  Just thinking right now.
For those who care or who may have missed some of them, the following is a list of the twelve principles of living a life that counts.
1.  Life is about loving and being loved
2.  It's about serving rather than being served
3.  It's about learning and teaching
4.  It's about desiring the right treasure
5.  It's being a steward not a stealer
6.  It's seeking integrity over popularity
7.  It's seeking joy not just happiness
8.  It's thankfulness not expectations
9.  It's living by the Golden Rule not being ruled by gold
10. It's seeking souls over success
11. It's choosing trust over worry
12. It's choosing not to judge (specks vs. planks)

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