Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Info

This is for family who will be coming to visit us in a couple of weeks to see this year's Musical - and to see us of course.  Just wanted to show off the changes (finally) to the back porch we all love to sit on and visit when they are here.  I've been wanting to finish off the ceiling for the last two years since I finished the porch, but I sort off liked the look of the wood and the rafters.  I wanted to put these pine tongue & groove boards on it, but they were expensive two years ago - so...I waited until their price doubled before doing it now.  I wanted natural wood.  Siding would have been a third the cost, but not as pretty.  Hopefully, with some good help, it will be done in the next few days - at least the ceiling part.  I still need to pressure clean the deck and put new sealant on it.  There will also be two fan/light fixtures in the ceiling - and some trim - and some vents - and some fascia - and some...wait, maybe it won't be done in two weeks.
For the last several years, our cherry tree has become fully ripe during the week of the play, so the birds have had a feast since we didn't have time to do very much picking.  Click on the picture and enlarge it and you'll see how full and nearly ripe it is already.  I'm sure that is due to all the early warm weather we've had this year.  Looks like it will be ready within the next few days.  There are already some ripe cherries on it.  They will probably be all gone by the time all the family get here in two weeks.  Sorry grand kids - no fruit pickin' this year, but maybe Nana will have a cherry cobbler or pie!  Now we're talking!

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Deborah said...

Looks great, Dad! And I'm already looking forward to that cherry pie...and our time together, of course.