Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Principle #10

Living a life that counts means valuing souls over success (Principle #10).  I like the statement, "Sometimes we know the value of everything and the importance of nothing."  It's not difficult to look around and see that we often label "things" as priceless, but don't think of character, integrity, faith, family, and friends as even more priceless.  The premise is simple: Our most precious and valuable possession is our soul. (And that is an emphatic PERIOD!)  It's a struggle for all of us to remember that and live our lives like we truly believe it, but that is why God calls what we are on a journey, a walk, and a growing process.
Jesus cared about souls and he was very clear about it:
1. Matthew 10:26-28  He gives them value!
2. Matthew 16:24-27  He gives them priority!
3. Matthew 11:28-30  He gives them rest and reward!
How should we care about souls?  Three simple points:
1. We must first care about our soul!
    A. It is our connection to God!
         * How we love him - Deut.6:5
         * How we seek him - Psalm 42:1-2
         * How we praise him - Psalm 103:1-5
    B. It begins w/ loving ourselves as he commanded
    C. It means learning to love soul food = Bread of Life
2. We must care about the souls of our loved ones!
    A. Nothing in their life is more important!
    B. Make it clear that you care about their souls! (More than anything else they do!)
    C. You will never regret putting souls first!
3.  We must care about the souls of ALL who are lost!
    A. Problem? We're not sure anyone will be lost!  Satan sold us his world view of God!  Cheap grace!
          * 2 Thess.1:7-8 pretty clear
    B. What does God want us to do?
          (1) Use his tools: leaders, church, Word, etc
          (2) Grow, mature, & fall in love with Jesus
          (3) Witness, share, & care about their souls
    C. 1 Peter 3:15-16  attitude & actions count!
         Philemon 6  "share your faith...have a full understanding...of Christ"
Conclusion:  Most Doctor visits are preventative care = catch it early & live longer.  Sounds like grace - catch it and live longer!  Someone has to pitch it before it can be caught!

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