Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Added Time To Ponder

It has been interesting to have some extra days to reflect on this coming Sunday's lesson since I wrote my first draft last week.  We had a great assembly time last Sunday led by our graduating Seniors, and my speaking duties were taken by a couple of our young men who did an excellent job.  I always do my lesson on Wednesday - as I did last week before it was confirmed that I wouldn't be preaching - and that has given me a full week to just reflect on my Living A Life That Counts principle #11.  I may not make any significant changes - just because of the fact that there is only so much material that can be shared in the allotted time, but - I have broadened the scope of my thoughts and prayers regarding this week's topic.
I have some strong and deeply emotional feelings about this topic.  Those who've known me for several years, have heard me say that my greatest hurts in life have come from people I loved who have violated the trust I placed in them.  When you choose to build a relationship with someone, whether it's marriage, friendship, or just partners in a project or mission, it is only as strong as the trust you have in one another.  There is nothing like the pain of betrayal, dishonesty, violated confidences, unfaithfulness, and deception.  It shatters trust, crushes hearts, and destroys relationships.  Thankfully, mistakes, omissions, momentary thoughtlessness, and unintended failures can be overcome, forgiven, and even strengthen a relationship.  When a personal trust is purposely broken, however, it's like a broken vase, sometimes the pieces can be put back together, but it's never the same.
It comes down to one word that we (I) don't usually connect with trust.  RISK!  That is the heart of trust.  What we don't know, and can't know, about a potential relationship is covered by trust, and what we do know reinforces that trust, but the bottom line is - every relationship is choosing to take a risk.  God said it long before the philosophers and poets did, but it's better to take the risk and enjoy the best part of being alive, than it is to never risk being hurt and living without the joy and fulfillment of great relationships.  If we let a broken trust control us, we end up living a broken life.  God will never break a trust, and the closer we get to Him, the easier it is to risk trusting in those he placed in our life.

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