Friday, May 27, 2011

The Real Outback

It has been awhile, so I thought I'd say it again. I love our back porch. Here we are in the last days of May, and we're finally getting some nice days of consistent warm Spring weather. Our back porch is so peaceful that I love to sit out there and enjoy the flowers and the wildlife, and just relax for a while. If you look really hard (or click on the picture and zoom in) you'll see the Humming bird feeder at the far end of the porch. I love watching them. They're pretty and they are amazing. They come in so quickly and zoom away so fast that it's really difficult to even see them, let alone get a picture.

These are some of the flowers we got this Spring just to add some color to the view on the porch. Before I put the feeder up, the Humming birds would feed straight from the flowers. Neat to watch!

I did manage to get this picture of a Humming bird coming in to feed. I really was only about eight feet away and I had my zoom on full. If your computer will let you, click on the picture and zoom it in for a great up close look at a very beautiful part of God's creation. Hopefully they'll keep showing up when all the grand kids are here next week.

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