Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God's Incredible Dads

FYI: Just wanted to share my points from last Sunday's lesson on God's Incredible Dads. I know it's a month until Father's Day, but, like I said about Moms, any and every day can and should be Father's Day. To any of my young preaching buddies - feel free to use any or all of the following if you're looking for a good Father's Day sermon. As I say often, "That'll preach!"

Ten Traits of Real Dads
1. Real Dads should be grown-ups! (Mature, priorities straight, & unselfish - Heb.5:11 - 6:3)
2. Real Dads want to be real men not peer wimps! (Stop trying to impress guys who haven't learned point #1)
3. Real Dads are heroes at home - first!
4. Real Dads value trust and integrity! (Small compromises for you become life changing rationale for your child later!)
5. Real Dads love and honor their wife! (Best thing you can do for your children! Say it, show it, make it clear!))
6. Real Dads respect their wife and demand the same from everyone in the family!
* Respect her work, her opinions, and her needs. Eph.5:25-33
* Defend her to kids, relatives, and everyone else!
7. Real Dads are thoughtful!
8. Real Dads are thankful! (Secret to a successful marriage & to being thoughtful)
9. Real Dads are developing a deeper relationship with Jesus! (Not arrived, but journey. Talk to Him = being thankful)
10. Real Dads see souls not just kids! (Priorities: "What does it profit a man..." and peace. The only way to live in a real life and death world.)
Conclusion: Notice I said very little about what to teach your children. Why? What they see is more important!

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Excellent, Mike.