Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Blog At A Time...

My previous post was my 600th post on this blog. Wow. I know it's an overused cliche' but it really does seem like just a short time ago I began this adventure. At the time, all three of our kids (yes, they're all thirty-something) had blogs and it seemed like a great way to share pictures, thoughts, and inspiration with them and anyone else who cared about us. I have tried to do two or three blogs a week and I try to keep it a mixture of personal/family stuff and devotional/inspirational stuff - and of course, sometimes it's a mixture of both. A lot of other peoples blogs have come and gone over the last five years that I've been doing this one, and frankly, I'm still a little surprised that I enjoy it and still do it. It's very difficult to "have" to write something, but most of the time I have so many things running through my mind that it's more a matter of "which" than "what"? I have been surprised to hear from people from all over the country who say they read it regularly so comments, or lack thereof, isn't a good measure of its reach. I'm surprised that there are nearly a thousand hits a month, but then, a hit doesn't always mean a reading. And one of the more interesting things I've had to teach myself about writing a blog is to not let it be a measure of love and friendship. Sometimes, the people you love the most and want to stay in touch with the most, don't see reading my blog as a test of their loyalty and love. I know that. In fact, I learned that a long time ago when I'd give copies of one of my books to family or friends - assuming they would devour it with as much passion as if it had been written by Swindoll, Lucado, or even the Holy Spirit - only to find out mouths later that it went straight to the shelf, just under the unread Reader's Digest. We must be careful about personal tests of love, just as the church should about tests of faithfulness.
Anyway, after rattling on for so long with this present "masterpiece"(?), I do want to thank any and every person who has checked in on my weekly compositions of family memories, pet peeves, wild theology, and occasional wisdom. Hopefully something in one of these 600, I mean 601, blogs has blessed you in some way. If it is the Lord's will, I plan on doing a few more.


Glenave Curtis said...

I don't always comment on your blogs, but I enjoy reading them. I also love you Michael.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly and have used some of your posts as bulletin articles since I edit our local church bulletin. I find your writings refreshing, encouraging, and thought provoking. I tell my readers that they may not always agree with articles I share with them [I don't always agree myself!] but they are shared to cause us to think, restudy, reaffirm or sometimes change our minds when needed. Keep up the good work,my brother. It is appreciated!

----a faithful reader