Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reading Material?

A friend sent me this picture the other day. It had the caption "Volume One, On Understanding Women". I was going to use it my lesson this Sunday about "God's Incredible Dads" with a point about "Real Dad's recognize that they will never totally understand their wife." I decided it wasn't worth the effort for a brief laugh. I am intrigued by the picture above. It seems to me that there are many other potential captions that would fit. Here are my Top Dozen ideas.

1. "This is the latest commentary on the Silence of Scriptures"
2. "A few wise saying for my kids"
3. "Some Random Additions to my books on Worship"
4. "Things I don't like about other drivers"
5. "I'm tolerant, but these are a few opinions I have about bowhunting"
6. "Vol. One: Things I Shouldn't Have Said"
7. "So, you wanted to see how much a Flash Drive really holds?"
8. "A Short List of the Only Candy I Can Eat"
9. "600 Blogs - Now available for purchase!"
10. "An outline of Sunday's Lesson on 'The Pragmatic and Utilitarian Aspects of the Documentary Hypothesis' with discussion questions"
11. "Our Tax records so far in 2011 of our trips to Fritz's for Frozen Custard"
12. "Things in the Cabela's catalog I've highlighted for Christmas"

Any ideas?


Deborah said...

The tax records for Fritz's is my favorite! I would like to add to that record in a couple of weeks...

Anonymous said...

Vol 1 of Trillions - if all Jesus did had been written! John 21:24-25