Monday, May 23, 2011

The $500 Cake

If you've ever wondered what a $500 cake looks like, take a close look at the one in the picture. It's a German Chocolate Cake, lovingly named five years ago as The Cootie Cake, because of the chocolate candy swirls on top. You've got to be old to remember The Cootie Game. Anyway, Donna made this for our annual Dessert Auction last night. It is a fund raiser for our Teen Mission trip this year to Mexico. I was planning to bring it back home - cause it's a great cake - for $100, but the opening bid was $200. The bidding was hot & heavy between a group who pooled their money together and a good friend who LOVES Donna Root's cakes. He won the bidding with $500 and had to run home to get his check book. Wow! Donna has made this cake every year and the highest it's brought in was $300. She wasn't even going to make it this year, but one of the organizers called her and asked her to make it - since it always made so much money.
It was a fun time together. I haven't heard what the total amount raised was, but I'm sure it was a lot. I hope my good buddy Steve Smith enjoys every slice of that cake. I know he enjoys knowing he helped a worthy mission effort.
Just a family note! Just for future references - when you make food requests for Nana, remember which one is NOW the MOST VALUABLE! Isn't that like $50 a slice?


Glenave Curtis said...

MIGHTY FINE--say it with a gutteral sound! Remember?

Elizabeth said...

I was in shock last night when I got mom's text about it selling for $500! That's amazing! It does look yummy!

Deborah said...

I like that it is now called the "Cootie Cake." Did you know they still make that game?!

Looking forward to eating ANYTHING Mom makes in about 10 days!!