Saturday, March 05, 2011

Yes Indeed - Just A Seeker

"Bottoms up!" I don't know if you can see the ducks in the above picture, but they are both upside down, probably seeking food and not doing synchronized swimming. One of my oft-shared comments that is oft-shared because it's so profound is, "People are the only part of God's creation that can choose to not glorify God by the way we live." When anything does what it was created to do, God is glorified. These ducks are glorifying God because they are doing what God created them to do. When we do what God created us to do, God is glorified. Unfortunately, the single most important thing that God wants us to do - the thing that makes us different from every other created thing - is the one thing many don't do, and many others only partially do - seek Him!
Seeking God - seeking a relationship with our Maker - is the reason we were created. With all the fussing and arguing about doctrine, essentials, and "who's in and who's out," the one thing that transcends everything else - the one thing He wants to see when He looks into the heart of any person - is, are we seeking Him.
One of the many passages of scripture that many know, but few of us seem to digest, is Hebrews 11:6. It is one of those John 3:16 type verses. "Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that He exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."
As I was preparing last Sunday's lesson about "What Are You Looking For," I used this passage to show what God wants us to be looking for. IT IS ALL ABOUT SEEKING HIM! In this simple verse, the Holy Spirit tells us exactly what God is wanting from us. It tells us what seeking God means.
1. It's a relationship not a religion! Many have a system of beliefs, but not a walk with God.
2. It's a reality based on faith! The presence of God must be real and sensed.
3. It's redemption given by grace! He does all the work. We MUST want it!
It's that simple - yet that profound. We complicate it, and we diminish it!
We can (the Holy Spirit said "must") seek a relationship with God the same way we seek a relationship with anyone we want to have a relationship with. Just think about what it takes to have a relationship with anyone - then apply that to God. That's seeking!

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I really like this, Mike.