Tuesday, March 22, 2011


While it's still a work in progress, I'm glad to let you know that our new web page is up and running. The long address is http://www.florissantchurchofchrist.org but I'm told you can get to it with just the florissantchurchofchrist.org and not all the front stuff. Many parts of it are underconstruction, but we have a great volunteer who is willing to keep working on it and keep it updated. In fact, it already has Sunday's sermon on it - the one I wrote about this morning in the blog below this. It does have the song before the sermon on it too, but you can move the little dial and it will fast forward past it. There will be a lot of changes and improvements made, so please be patient if you check it regularly.


Phyllis said...

I already found out it was working. I'm in the office by myself this week and you've preached several sermons to me already! It's great for me, because I get to hear one of my favorite speakers (plus, I don't get to hear too many "Sunday Morning Sermons" due to working in Children's Church each week)! Thanks for all the year of service you have given! You're still ministering to me after almost 30 years. :)

Anonymous said...

Your new website is not as attractive as the old site. At least we have a place to hear your sermons again. I really did miss them