Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Building Trust

Building Trust (Sermon is on our Web page)

Trust is an integral part of our life - from trusting our mechanic, our dentist, to trusting everyone who is driving on the same road as we are. Spiritually, it is the foundation of our walk with God. A great example of trust and loss of trust is seen in Matthew 14:22-33 when Peter walked to Jesus on the water. My favorite OT verse on trust is Psalm 20:7 and the NT is Romans 15:13. I also like the NIV in John 14:1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me."

As a life quality or as character, trust is the most important, most fragile, and the most difficult to repair. Trust is: a firm belief in the honesty and reliability of some one or thing; a confident expectation and hope placed in someone or thing, and something entrusted to a person. Spiritually, it's God. God is love = trust; 1 Cor.13:7 "love always trusts." It is the message and purpose of the Bible - God can not violate a trust - He is the ultimate in trustworthiness!

My "Dirty Dozen" ways a trust is violated or broken (just to name a few). A trust as been violated when...

1. You don't tell the truth or you misrepresent it.

2. You judge or criticise without communicating and finding out all the facts

3. You don't keep your promise or commitment

4. You break a confidence

5. You gossip (violate the trust of the one talked about and the one talked to)

6. You leave someone out who should have been included

7. You speculate or assume w/o communicating

8. You don't speak up and/or defend a friend or a loved one

9. You fail to respect the feelings of those who expected you to

10. You ignore or forget something that is very important to friends or family

11. You humiliate or demean friends or family in the presence of others

12. You don't practice what you preach

Why is trust so important? There are THREE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES OF TRUST

1. Trust is the foundation of integrity! A. Every act of distrust destroys character B. Integrity gives inner joy & peace - distrust steals it C. Your values or lack of values define you * Why did Peter "weep bitterly" after his third denial of Jesus?

2. Trust is the foundation of our relationships! A. Closeness is determined by trust B. W/o trust there is no relationship - only co-existence C. Guard trust at all cost! No compromise! No rationalizing! No excuses! * Remember Adam? "The women you gave me..."

3. Trust is the foundation of our walk with God! A. "I made you - trust me!" Seek Him! B. "I love you - trust me!" Seek Him! C. "I will take care of you - trust me!" Seek Him!

Conclusion: Do you trust Him to sit on the throne of your heart?

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