Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts

I sure thought that we were finished with all this stuff. It's still pretty, but after the long winter we've had and with spring only a week away, this is a little surprising. Oh well, we don't control nature here any more than they could in Japan last week. This will be gone in a matter of hours. In Japan, they are talking about thousands of bodies still to be found. We all are praying for them.
If I could box and package yesterday, and pull it out anytime I needed a "pick-me-up," I'd do it in a heartbeat. God blessed us with an incredible Sunday. It was a great day of being with our church family, inspiring one another, and sharing some great experiences together. And to top it off, we had a great evening with our young adult small group. We have really enjoyed getting to know them all better, and hopefully share a little wisdom and inspiration. If nothing else, we always have a wonderful dinner that Donna prepares for the whole group every week. I think they especially like her homemade bread. They are a sharp group of young adults, who love God and are serious about seeking a closer walk with Him.
One last random thought: over that last several months, several have asked me about our church web page and when it was going to be active again. It's ready, with a new layout, and a new administrator at church who will keep it updated and fresh. He has my Sunday morning lessons loaded and ready to be downloaded or listened to, and many other things, knew that was coming...we are waiting to get ownership of the web name, which was actually owned by the former members who administered it for us. For some reason it's taking a long time. Anyway, I hope to be able to announce that it's ready and open any day now.

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