Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Whining

Yes, I could have chosen to make it a productive day, but that's not what I did. It was a snow day! And not only that, but we were planning to fly out this morning (Wed.) and spend the rest of the week and weekend with family in Dallas. I have a speaking appointment there this weekend, which I'm prepared for - so I don't even have a class or sermon to prepare this week. Again, it was a snow day! A chance to veg - so I did. And of course "veg" doesn't have anything to do with what I might eat. We were house-bound, with nothing really pressing to be done. So what do you do in a situation like that? You eat! Waffles and sausages for a late breakfast! Then leftover quesadillas from Chili's for lunch! Then peanut butter brownies covered with chocolate frosting for an afternoon snack - with coffee of course. Then end the day with venison, potatoes, and squash (oops - how did that veg get in there?). It was a food fest coupled with a History Channel buffet - capped off with watching a DVD of Red and last nights recording of NCIS. Life is good.
This morning we found out that our flights were cancelled and we can't fly out until tomorrow afternoon. So this morning I'm doing a few things at the office before we go to Las Fuentes for lunch and home for more History Channel and peanut butter brownies. I need Spring to come! Not just to save us from this long and tiring Winter, but to save me from looking as big as one of the dump trucks driving up and down the roads.
I did shovel snow last night, and again this morning, so I haven't been totally sedentary. In fact, I'm pretty sore from shovelling too hard last night. Our nice neighbor from across the street (the Christmas lights people) came over and helped me get the sleet and ice off our drive last night. We used flat-nosed dirt shovels to scrape the ice off. He's younger than me, but of course, I had to shovel as hard and as fast as he did, and show that being five months short of sixty doesn't mean I'm getting old - but - today - I feel old and sore, and ready for Las Fuentes, brownies, and more History Channel.

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Deborah said...

Pat read this post outloud to me, and we were both cracking up! So, so funny. I could just HEAR you saying these this!!