Monday, January 31, 2011

Bible Action Musical

Here it is. This year's Bible Action musical. You're actually getting to see it before my church family did. I was introducing it at the beginning of my lesson yesterday, and telling anyone who was interested in being in it this year to meet with me for a few minutes right after services when I'd give a brief summery of the play - and - I had everything but a drum-roll as I punched the button to pull up the above PPT slide - and nothing happened! It was a black/blank picture! I couldn't believe it! We have new MS Office on the office computers but not on the auditorium computer, and some things just don't transfer. Usually it's just a font that won't transfer, but in this case, for some unknown reason, the logo slide wouldn't come up on the PPT presentation. Oh well - such is the way of tech stuff some times.
It's going to be a fun play/musical. If you seen any of our past presentations, this will be totally different than anything we've done before. We're doing three western stories that are based on three parables of Jesus and the music is all Country & Western and Southern Gospel. New stuff for us. The spiritual songs are from Gaither Homecoming's and will be a real challenge to do acappella, which is how I like to do our praise songs.
Rehearsals start in March and the first week of June will be here before we know it. That sounds really good right now since we have a huge winter storm coming in this week.


Elizabeth said...

We are so excited! I told Curtis that the people in the play would dress up like Cowboys and said, "Do you want to dress up like a cowboy for the play?" His response: "No. I'm gonna dress up like Buzz Lightyear."

So, there you go. Buzz may make an appearance at the play, too! :)

dr said...

Ha ha, Elizabeth! Too funny.