Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cancel Sunday?

The sun is shining bright and we're having the warmest temps we've had all week (28 degrees). The roads are all pretty clear, but most of the ten inches of snow we got the other day is still on the ground with huge piles of it where plows and shovels have moved some of it. And now the weather man is calling for 3-5 more inches of snow starting tonight and through all day tomorrow - Sunday - my favorite day of the week! Common sense tells me we should go ahead, use our One Call service to call everyone, and cancel tomorrow mornings classes and assembly. First of all, it's not my call to make, and secondly, the weather and road conditions will probably take care of that for us, as most folks will stay home where it's safe and warm. But there will be a few who will see it as a challenge and show everyone that, "A few inches of snow won't keep me from church." Then there are those, sometimes the same people, who will see it as a test of faith. Faithful people don't miss church - no matter what! And that makes even the idea of cancelling Sunday morning "worship" seem - no, feel - like blasphemy or heresy - or some other "y" word.
There is nothing in the coarse of any seven day week that I look forward to and enjoy more than being with my church family on Sunday morning. Okay, lunch at Las Fuentes once or twice a week is a close second, but it really is the peak of my week to be with people I dearly love and serve in the name of God. (Here's the big "but" you knew was coming!) But, it's only a tool - not a test of faith! Hey, I can be there no matter what. If I have to, it's a mile and a half walk in the snow, and that might be fun. It is okay, however, to keep people safe and not risk life and limb to show how committed we are.
Just something to think about - whatever happens tomorrow morning.

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