Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Random Trilogy of Thoughts

I could write a much longer blog about each of the following, but I decided to just mention them, as things I've been thinking about the this past week.
1. A couple of times in the past week I've had reason to remind myself about the extreme difficulty of being objective in interpreting the Word of God. I know we all think we are unbiased and objective, because we know all our conclusions are correct. Yes, my tongue is in my cheek! But even when we try to be cautious and open-minded, we still tend to make scripture fit our pre-established conclusions and traditions. So, since we already "know" what it means, we only see what we want or expect to see. Thus, it is difficult to be truly objective when we read well known passages about the church, evangelism, worship, singing, communion, and even the baptism, without making them fit preconceived conclusions. A closed mind doesn't contribute to an open heart - or the truth.
2. At the risk of sounding like to techno-grouch to family and friends, I don't think those who do a lot of texting realize how inconsiderate it is to make it clear that ANY text is more important than giving you their undivided attention. It's like talking to someone and having a third person come up and whisper in their ear while you're talking, and of course, they have to whisper back - so you patiently wait- then they resume the conversation without commenting, explaining, or saying anything about the why or what of the interruption! I know, we all get phone calls that interrupt us. But at least then, you hear what's being talked about and you're not being treated like a potted plant. Just something to think about.
3. In speaking about the Lord's Supper last Sunday - in our study of Mark 14 - I had been thinking and praying about wanting something that would be a good example of what I thought Jesus intended for his Supper to be. It's not a ritual, a ceremony, a sacrament, or even an "act of worship" as we've defined it over the years. It's a simple fellowship tool for helping us help one another remember Him together. It's a symbolic reminder of his covenant with us and our love bond with him. I decided that the Lord's Supper is the Christians wedding ring. There's nothing mystical or magical about it. It's just a symbol, a tool to help, and a reminder of love. It's a tool to use not an act to perform.


Anonymous said...

Mike I liked this blog allot. I enjoy the random thoughts....

Hey your website is gone? Are you folks starting a new one? I miss hearing your sermons as well

David Wells

Deborah said...

While I do love texting, I would hate to think that I would text while "talking" to someone else--how rude!

And, loved your comparison of the Eucharist to a wedding ring...so clever.