Saturday, February 19, 2011

He Doesn't Sing

This blog really isn't to show off my new deer mount that I just picked up Friday. Well - maybe a little. But it's mostly for the benefit of our grand children, who not only need to see Papa's new deer trophy, but that it's replacing the familiar singing deer that has been in our computer room for four or five years. We had a lot of fun with that singing deer. Especially when we used the portable microphone and had all the kids thinking the deer was talking to them. That worked for a good while, but they eventually figured out that someone was pushing buttons to make that thing talk. I'm not sure that Ashlyn ever got over being afraid of it - though she really liked the songs he sang. Well he's been moved to the basement and will probably be retired. His mechanical parts are not working so well, and he make a lot of noise when he moves - kinda like me. It was a nice gift from my hunting buddy Danny, and we got a lot of laughs out of it.
See! No electrical cord coming down the wall on this boy. And if he does sing, I'll run with Ashlyn.

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DR said...

The big boy looks good on the wall. I read the post to Ashlyn, and she laughed with me!