Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Random Trip Thoughts

If you check my blog regularly, you've probably noticed that I haven't written a blog in the last week. We were in Dallas from Thursday until mid day yesterday (Tuesday). It began as a trip to do an elders retreat for a congregation in the Dallas area, but events - not the least of which included snow - caused the retreat to be cancelled. So, we got to have a wonderful visit with Pat, Deborah, and the boys, and then I preached for that congregation on Sunday morning. It was a nice, stress-free trip, and a great visit with family. Snow caused us to change flights several times, and the Wednesday through Sunday evening original trip, ended up being a Thursday through Tuesday morning trip. Let me share some random thoughts about it.
* I love Southwest Airlines! No baggage fees, no charges for changing flights, and a much easier terminal to get in and out of than the big St. Louis main terminal. And they fly to every city where our family members live!
* I always assumed that if I got to play in the snow with any of our grand kids it would be if they visited us in the Winter and it happened to snow. Just maybe - it might happen in Nashville. I never dreamed it would be five inches of snow in Dallas. Snow angels and snowball fights on Friday! All gone on Saturday. Just the way snow ought to be.
* I am again amazed, and blessed, to see what wonderful parents our kids have become. I am very thankful to get to see what amazing Mom's our girls have become, but equally thankful to see what incredible Dad's and husbands, our son-in-laws both are. I know it's just a matter of time before I say the same about our daughter-in-law. (No pressure! No hurry!)
* After getting to meet with some brethren from two different congregations in Dallas, I am just reminded again that there are some wonderful people in churches all over the world. I knew we had people like that at home, but it's good to remember that God's people are loving, caring, and kind - and they're everywhere. I'm especially thankful for the ones that love our kids and grand kids.
* Churches are constantly changing. They have to - it's the only way to stay alive. I was just reminded of that as I spent time with a church I haven't been with in six or seven years. The interesting thing is, they probably don't even think they have changed. Change is often so gradual and slow, that when you are in the middle of it, you don't see it. That reminds me - again - how important patience is.
* Finally, yes Dorothy, there's no place like home.
* No wait! Have I said, "I'm ready for Spring"?


Deborah said...

We are so glad you came!! What a blessing. Loved your "random thoughts" about your stay here. So honored you think we are good parents.

hr said...

Never pressured! Just supported. ;) Love you guys, glad it was a good trip.

Elizabeth said...

Glad y'all had such a great time!

dr said...

Dad's three girls! :)