Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What A Shot!

Sorry about the steamy lens on my camera. This is a two inch group of four arrows shot at about twenty-two yards. I'm practicing for our hunting trip to Colorado in two weeks and for the bow seasons that open soon in MO & IL. No, this isn't about trying to impress anyone with my shooting ability. In fact, that's kind of the point. You can look at this picture and maybe be impressed with my "tight group," and maybe even be envious a little - if you shoot archery. What you don't know is how many times I shot that same group of four arrows before I was able to get that two inch group. (This was my second set this morning.)
I think all of us have times when we are with a group of brothers and sisters, on Sunday or some other togetherness activity, and we find ourselves reflecting on the spiritual maturity of someone, and wishing we could be like them, but instead, we feel weak, inadequate, and frustrated with our spiritual growth. We need to remember that those folks, as wonderful as they are as spiritual examples, all did a lot of missing before they starting getting it right. You just didn't see it. What you see now is the result of many years of walking, falling, getting back up, and seeking God in spite of their misses.
When people look at me, THE preacher, THE answer man, and the example to follow, they need to remember that what they are looking at is merely a little "tighter group" than what they would have seen in the past. NO ONE is on target every time - all the time! But, we are pointed in the right direction. Remember, it's not about perfection but direction! The one that is in THE LIGHT (1 Jn.1:7).

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Great blog -- and analogy.