Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wise Changes - Maybe?

Great memories of our Alaska trip a few years ago.
As badly as we'd love to plan a mid-winter vacation to a warm spot this next January, we have returned to our decision to have a really good vacation (i.e. cruise) every two years. It's soooo tempting right now to schedule something because the prices are coming way down - I guess because of the tough economy. However, for the same reason, we decided to skip 2011, get back on our two year plan (so we can save for it -there's a reason we are driving old, paid for cars) and plan something special in 2012. For several years we have been looking at a twelve day Med cruise that includes two day stops in Egypt and Israel, as well as some other neat places, some with biblical-historical significance. We hope (and hope is a key word) to do that trip in the Summer of '12 - now less than two years away. We are also hoping that the prices will continue to come down, but it's hard to wish for a continued tough economy. Anyway, just a little FYI in case anyone might be interested to joining us - planing is half the fun. The Panama Canal trip this past winter was incredible, with the canal itself being worth the price of the trip. But, I can see this trip even topping that. Hey, we're talking the Mediterranean, pyramids, and Jerusalem! Not to mention Rome and Athens and on top of that Fargle with friends! Does it get any better? Just think about it.

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