Monday, August 16, 2010

Fearless Trailer

Below is a link to the trailer Joe Woolbright and I did for Fearless: The Story of Esther DVD. I needed a promo to encourage our members to help us deliver DVD's to the nearly six hundred families who registered to receive one. Joe has done all the video work for all our plays and he's done a super job. This years is the best one. All I did was the voice over, and since I was only two weeks from my lastest voice shot, I didn't have the deep voice I wanted for doing the trailer, but it came out okay. Click on the link, turn your volume up, and enjoy. It helps if you saw the play, but it's still entertaining if you haven't.


Deborah said...

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I loved your movie-voice and all the well-timed clips. Your video guy is really talented.

Can't wait to show the boys later today.

Anonymous said...

How come your website changed? I can no longer find your sermons. I really miss them. I am a shut in and so look forward to your sermons