Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is one of several pictures my brother sent me. It made me think about something I watched happen on my back porch yesterday morning. I watched a small bird eat a worm, and it wasn't a little worm either. It was a fat five or six inch worm, who wasn't very happy about being eaten alive. I was amazed at the challenge facing the bird. It would be like me trying to eat a ten foot Boa Constrictor - at one meal. The little bird was very focused, and at the same time very protective, nervous, and watchful. He clearly didn't want to have his meal stolen or shared with any other bird. He was quick and purposeful. At first, I thought he was just pecking at the worm, but as I watched more closely, I could see that the worm was obviously getting smaller. The worm wiggled like crazy, but gradually stopped moving and became a quiet breakfast for the small bird. I thought, he couldn't possibly eat the whole thing! But within seconds - that's exactly what he did, and then was able to fly away. I expected him to just roll away. That's what I'd have to do if I ate that much at one meal.
It reminded me of that old joke, how do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time. The little bird had a huge challenge before him, but he did it - one bite at a time.
That's the way big jobs, big challenges, and big changes are accomplished - one little bite or step or change - at a time. It takes time to grow. We want things to happen immediately, but the truly important things take time and take patience. Spiritual growth is no exception. We are "being transformed into His likeness" one tiny baby step at a time. Why? Because relationships take time - they're built - they're cultivated - they develop, and it's even harder when it is a relationship based on faith not sight! Maybe that is why it's described in scripture as a walk or a journey. The nice part is that God is with us all the way. When we are clear and honest about seeking Him, He promised that He would draw near to us. He helps us with every baby step - even when we happen to take one in the wrong direction.
So how to you partake of the Bread of Life? One bite at a time.

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