Monday, July 27, 2009

Sonic Smiles

Look at that face! I hope she doesn't ask Papa for a car anytime soon!
Elizabeth sent me these pictures, so yes, it's another excuse to share pictures of some of our grand children. I thought it would be fun to send them each a five dollar gift card for Sonic because 1) they all stop there regularly and get a drink or a dessert, and 2) I knew they'd love having a card of their own that meant "possiblities" and "ownership" and "yummy". Okay - so I wanted them to also say "Papa's great". So sue me. I love Carter's and Ashlyn's posing. Are they ready to do commercials or what? I knew Curtis would be clueless about the whole thing, but I was confident that Elizabeth would know what to do with it. He did enjoy dunking it in the play pool. It's been baptized. Maybe we're looking at a future preacher!
As I look at their faces in this picture and see the fun they are experiencing just thinking about their future trips to Sonic, my mind pictures most of us holding similar cards. The cards don't say Sonic. They say Grace. Is that not the ultimate Gift Card?


elizabeth said...

Ashlyn had to take her Sonic card to Granddad and Mimi's house last night to show them...she is so proud and excited! She's carrying it in her princess purse. I know you're shocked. :)

Thanks again for making them feel special! They love you and can't wait to see you!

Deborah said...

Nothing says "grace" like a Route 44!

Our boys were so excited to order "whatever they wanted" off the menu. I think they felt a little rebellious not getting a kids meal!