Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is "Yuck" really a word?

I fully intended to do a blog on Tuesday, but the day was too busy. Then I woke up Wednesday morning sick. I'm still sick, but getting better. It's one of those achy, stomach crampy, fevered headache kind of yucky sick that just puts you in bed. Now, I'm not sure if all my muscle aches are from the illness or from being in bed so long. My lovely wife just made me a grilled cheese sandwich, and it went down just fine and I actually feel a little better.
The only reason I share these personal aches and pains with you is not to garner sympathy (though a short "poor Mike" would be okay), but to point out how blessed I truly am. Donna and I were sitting at the kitchen table moments ago and neither one of us could remember the last time I as sick. How incredible is that! I have thought on many occasions that God has blessed me with a strong immune system. Do you have any ideas how many hugs and handshakes I've shared over the last thirty-five years with people who had colds, flues, and various other communicable illnesses? I don't know how many times, usually in the Winter, I'd shake hands with someone at the back door of the auditorium and say, "How are you doing?" and they say, "Oh, I'm just getting over a bad stomach virus." I want to scream, "AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING SHAKING MY HAND?" Oh well, God has protected me from all sorts of germs, viruses, and the people who insist on sharing them at church.
So, unless this illness kills me, I have to look at it as a small bump in my plans that I shouldn't have been so focused on anyway. And if it does kill me, Praise the Lord! I'll get to find out if there are bathrooms in heaven!


elizabeth said...

Sorry you've been sick, but I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. When Mom told me you were sick, the first thing I said was, "I don't remember the last time Dad was sick! He's never sick!" You are very blessed! All that handwashing does pay off! :)

Deborah said...

Similar to Elizabeth's comment, I was just about to say "washing the bretheren off your hands" every Sunday before lunch has really paid off!