Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

This is a picture of the wedding cake Donna made for a wedding at Florissant this morning. The bride actually had them laid out this way so they would be easier to serve. What a wise girl. These four cakes are not all the same. Some were double chocolate and the others were French vanilla - and both were good. I tried both, just to be sure. As always, they were not only beautiful to look at, but wonderful to eat. Boy, am I glad the "Yuck" is over.
I guess it's a sign of aging, but every time we go to a wedding now-days I never think about our wedding - 37 years ago this coming December, but the weddings of our three children. Weddings are always so hectic and even stressful because of all the things that have to be done to make them exactly like "the Bride," or more importantly, "the Mom" - want it to be, that sometimes memories tend to get blurry over over the years. Like my memory of mine and Donna's wedding, my memory of the details of Pat and Deborah's, Chad and Elizabeth's, and Jonathan and Holly's weddings is getting a little fuzzy. Yes, I've forgotten things that "my girls" would never dream of forgetting, but - there are some things I remember quite well.
I remember how much I trusted my three children to pick the right person. I remember how quickly I came to love and respect their choice. I remember how proud I was that they found a life-mate who would help them get to heaven. And as I look at how their relationship with each other and with God has grown through the years, I remember how thankful I was that He guided them to the right person.
I can't imagine how horrible it would be to know your child was marrying the wrong person, and know that you can't interfere for fear of damaging your relationship with them. Or to know that they are committing their life to someone who won't provide any spiritual leadership in their family and you have visions of their spiritual journey becoming an uphill climb. I'm glad I never had to know what that was like.
They each married a very special person that God provided for them "to find" who would understand that success in this life means nothing if you're not prepared for the next one.
Did I mention how good that cake was?

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elizabeth said...

Don't feel bad, Dad, I don't remember much about my wedding either. It went by way too quickly! Not that you should have talked any longer. :) But, I do remember being thankful for the man God gave to me. I'm more thankful each day. And, praying for my own children!