Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do I Hear "The Criminal on the Cross"?

Talk about a trip down Memory Lane? I got back from our retreat at Paris Landing State Park, and one of the many highlights of the retreat was getting to hear a "reunion" concert from some of the old Acapella singers. This is Gary, Keith, George, and Rodney (I don't have Donna hear to tell me how to spell their last names right) singing one of the many songs that first captivated all of us so many years ago. My mind went back to great memories of trips with our family in our Ford Club Wagon and listening to Acapella cassettes booming through our stereo system. They truly were the first ones to wake us all up to the fact that there are some awesome songs that aren't in our song books, and singing can be fun, inspirational, and magic. It was nice to share that with Keith as we've become good friends over the last six years of being at this retreat together. He still sounds incredible! They all did!
Steve Maxwell, a not so old member of Acapella, joined in with the "oldies". He has an awesome voice too. This group has gotten together to do some concerts outside the country to help the missionaries and churches where they are going.

Yes - Rodney sang "Amazing Grace" and shook the walls and our hearts just like he did over two decades ago. There's no one who sings that song in such a clear bass voice like he does.

And then there was the scary addition to the group as Jerry joined in to help them sing his favorite song - as he calls it "The Water Song."
The only thing nicer than the concert was the sweet fellowship we had with some wonderful folks we only, for the most part, get to see once a year. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunities God gives me over and over again, to draw closer to Him by drawing closer to my loving brethren. It was a great retreat - again.


Rachel said...

How fun! I love "Criminal on the Cross"! The older Acapella is the best! :)

Randall said...
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