Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Need a rest?

It's amazing that many of the things in life that you truly enjoy are also things that you need a rest from. Every year, especially as we get into the heat of the Summer, I begin to really look forward to Fall bowhunting. When it gets here in late September, I sooooo enjoy relaxing in a tree stand, watching all the wildlife, meditating on God's beautiful creation, and being filled with the anticipation of a nice buck coming my way. Even when the cooler weather of November and December comes blowing in, I still love every minute in a blind or stand. But, by the time I make those last few bowhunting trips into the woods in January, I'm usually ready for the season to finish and put my bow up for a few months. I love it, but I'm ready when it's over.
Tonight is the last official rehearsal for our musical Transformers: Saul to Paul. Tomorrow night is dress rehearsal and then we do a performance Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. I'm really excited about finally getting to do the show for our audience each night. The cast and crew are ready, the costumes and sets are ready, the advertisements have been handed out, and all the membership support has been assigned. It's time to do it and I can't wait!
Still, I picked all the music last Summer. I listened to it over and over before writing new lyrics and the script in late Fall early Winter. We had our first meeting and read-through in mid February and have been in rehearsals since the first of March. After Sunday night, I will be ready to quit thinking about it and ready to quit waking up in the middle of the night with one of the songs going through my head. I love it! It's going to be incredible! I'm glad it will end.
These are two of the biggest things in my life - bowhunting and our musical - and I'm still glad they end? You know what? I never feel that way about God's goodness and grace. I never get tired of thinking about how thankful I am for what He constantly does for me. He's not a hobby or an event! He's not an activity or entertainment! He's my Father! I have a relationship with Him and I cannot get tired of building it and seeking to know Him better. Without Him, the other things wouldn't be as special or as meaningful. He gives purpose to everything. I'll never need a rest from Him, but I do seek a rest with Him!

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