Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just What Is Real Power?

This is my 350th blog post! Wow! I wonder how many books that could have been? I wonder how many people have read even one of them? I guess it doesn't matter as long as I enjoy the sharing. After all, how many people have to read something before the writing is justified or worth the effort? My, am I getting philosophical in my almost old age or what?
Speaking of which (philosophical not the age thing), I wrote a note to myself last week that I wanted to think about this week. As it turned out, I shared it in my Sunday morning Bible class and I will be referring to it again this coming Sunday in my lesson on God's Tool of Leadership. Here's the note: "Real power is when you don't have to make sure people know you have it!"
Often, power is a matter of "I'm bigger, meaner, stronger, or richer than you, so you better do what I want you to do!" But real power, the power of character, integrity, and admiration - the power of influencing others because they respect you - the power of quiet leadership that commands attention and attracts a following - well, that's a special kind of power. Real leaders have it. If you have to have a title or position before you display leadership qualities, you're not a leader, you're a wimp waiting to be promoted. Everyone knew that Jesus had authority - even when they didn't see him perform a miracle. He didn't have to throw around titles, and he had some - just ask Isaiah! He didn't have to impress anyone with his supernatural powers. They were dwarfed by his compassion anyway. His power was seen in his purposeful living, his godly character, and his understanding of his Father. Some people who only know worldly power didn't get it. They would - eventually. I wonder what it's been like for the last two thousand years for those people who shouted, "If you are the Son of God, come down off that cross and save yourself!" Power kept him up there. The power of his love for us.


Deborah said...

That was powerful--pun intended.

Anita Santiago said...

Mike. I love reading your blog. Its just inspirational and uplifting. Keep those posts coming