Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanderings in the Dessert

This is Donna's famous "Cootie Cake" which she has made for our annual Dessert Auction each year. I think Danny Younger named it that five years ago when he saw the chocolate curls on top. If you remember where that came from - you're old! The Dessert Auction is really a lot of fun. The Dessert Auction is a fund raiser for the youth mission trip, and this year, since they're not going very far for their trip and don't need as much money, it was the smallest auction we've ever had. Still, by the time it was over, they'd raised over $3200 for their trip. Last year the amount was around $10K. Donna's cake is really a German Chocolate cake with lots of extra chocolate "things" decorating it from top to bottom. I think it went for about $150, which is half of what it went for in the past. Tough economy?
Donna and a couple of our members are looking over one of the tables with desserts and other "packages" to be auctioned off. There are always some amazing things that are donated by members to be auctioned off - like first-base tickets to a Cardinals game, and some of the desserts came with all sorts of decoration or picnic utensils or such like.

This is Danny Younger being the auctioneer - trying to create some "bidding wars" to push up the amount. He always does a good job and makes it a lot of fun. There is something ironic about a dentist pushing SO much sugar!

Ron Ebker just happened to get caught in this picture. I wanted to take a picture of the cake our table went together to buy. Four of us pooled our money, got the top bid, and bought this - some kind of candy bar cake! It was wonderful - and I could say "rich" - especially since it cost me $25 for my slice! But it's a worthy cause. It was a great evening of fun, fellowship, and fundraising. If you ever need a good fundraiser at your church, try this idea of a dessert auction. Hey - food? It's clearly one of the things we do well as a church!

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chiarajulieann said...

i can't help comment about the dentist-auctioneer, i'm still grinning from it. =D

i like how you write sir, funny and light at times, stirring and deep in others.

i hope u and the missus are having a great sunday. =D