Friday, May 29, 2009

One Week Away!

One week away from opening night, and the play is really looking great. These are pictures from Wednesday nights rehearsal and we had another one last night. Having two full rehearsals back-to-back has really solidified a lot of elements in the play. Last night, Donna handed out costumes, and as of yesterday, all the painting and scenery is done except for some touch-up on the Luke's classroom wall - just off the picture to the right. We have three more rehearsals planned - Sunday afternoon, Tuesday night, and dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Then the play opens on Thursday night and goes through Sunday night (7:00 each night except for Sunday at 6:00)
Last year the pirates kinda stole the show with all their planned and unplanned antics. This year we have the Pharisees in scene two who I feel will do the same thing. The same group, for the most part, miraculously becomes apostles by the last scene and also have some fun things to do. It's got a lot of fun stuff in, but it's also probably the most spiritually pointed play we have done. What it means to be transformed by Jesus is clearly taught and the great songs truly help it to touch the heart. I am very proud of what the whole cast has done to get this pulled together. Hope you can come to one of the shows. We'll have DVD's again, but they are nothing compared to the live performance.

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Deborah said...

Woohoo! Our crew cannot wait! And we have a daddy around here that is really sad to miss out! :(

Your fan club will start arriving Thursday!