Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Basement Update?

I remembered the other day that in my last phone discussion with our son Jonathan, I told him I'd put some updated pictures of our new basement on my blog. We've done some decorating, but mostly it's there as a functional place for grand kids to play, overflow guests to stay, and a second option for a place to watch a DVD. Since it stays nice and cool all the time, we may be using it a lot more during the Summer even when no one is here but us.
This is the unofficial extra bedroom. It's a nice queen size bed that is a whole lot nicer than the air mattress we used before. The church is getting rid of some old vinyl green chairs so we grabbed eight to have for small groups and other fellowships. That's what's behind the stairs. They will, some time soon, find a spot in the storage room on the other side of that wall. We have to do some serious organizing and disposal before there will be room.

This picture is from the corner of the room to the right of the wide screen TV (as you look at the TV). We hope to replace the card table and chairs with something a little more solid.
I'm still amazed every time I walk down stairs into the basement because my mind still sees what it used to be and look like. It's hard to believe the transformation. Hey - there's a sermon illustration there...

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Carol said...

The room looks great! Your grandkids will have so much fun there!