Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Another Life Changing Thought

I was at our Men's Prayer Breakfast this morning and got to hear several of my brothers talk about encouragement, but especially the importance of being encouraging when we assemble together on Sunday morning. I love it when people "get it"! Churches will continue to have style and preference battles when it comes to "worship" until everyone (or at least most of us) "get it" that it's a giving opportunity not a receiving experience. I'd love for someone to use New Testament scripture and prove me wrong. It won't happen. That is why I remind my church family as often as I can "If what you're doing this morning is not giving, then what you're doing isn't worship." It's excited to see so many "get it"! We also don't have very much grumbling about "what I want" and "I wish we would..."!
Here is a principle that I not only believe in, but I believe it is one of the great keys to unlocking the spirit of Jesus in our life. What ever it is you want, you must be willing to give to others before you can truly have it.

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