Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going to Kansas City...

Last Sunday afternoon we drove over to Kansas City to see the play that Jonathan is in at the Kansas City Rep. He took a leave-of-absence from his Avenue Q show on Broadway to be part of this production of A Flea In Her Ear. The above picture is a power point screen in the foyer of the Rep that flashed pictures of the cast. Donna caught this picture as Jonathan's picture came up.

This is the place. The theatre is on the very beautiful campus of the University of Missouri in Kansas City. It's a really nice theatre too, with probably 300+ seats. We were about five rows from the front, so we got to see every thing up close and personal. It's a great play. It's called a French farce and is basically a fast paced action comedy with lots of really great lines, puns, and comedic innuendos. The cast was incredible - especially one in particular - and there were lots of wonderful laughs. Of course, it was a little bawdy in spots with a lot of suggestive jokes, but nothing you won't hear on Leno every night. It was especially thrilling to hear the audience give a special cheer when Jonathan took his bows with the rest of the cast. I wish we could see it again.

After the Sunday night show, we went out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factor and had a huge, late-night dinner and a great time just visiting. Oh yes - it was a Tums galore night.

Since Monday was Jonathan's day off, we spent the whole day visiting sights in Kansas City, eating a lot, walking a lot, and just enjoying being together. This picture was at the Steamboat museum, just down from where we had KC barbecue. By the way, KC is a really neat town, at least the parts we saw. We may go back some time and just see the things we didn't have time to see this visit.
It was wonderful to just spend time with Jonathan. We'd love to see Holly, but she couldn't come out until this next weekend. It was a great play and a great visit.


Carol said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mike! I know you are so proud of Jonathan!

elizabeth said...

Aw...I wish we could go. I'm thrilled you guys were able to, though.