Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Stripping

I'm certainly not known for wearing a coat and tie, but I did have several people comment Sunday about my extra casual look. I guess it was the shirt tail hanging out, but I wear this slightly heavier shirt as a jacket more than a shirt. I wore it yesterday so I could wear a color T-shirt underneath that would allow me to get into the visuals I used for my lesson. Yesterday was the first Sunday after my voice treatment on Friday and it (my voice) was already weak and breathy. I thought some visuals would help people remember the points of my lesson and forget about the vocal problems. The above picture that Donna took is at the start of my lesson - before I stripped out of my shirt/jacket and put on my tennis shoes.
Donna got so caught up in the lesson that she forgot to take pictures of the first two visual/outfits/points that are piled on the table behind me. This is my Lifeguard look (thankfully minus the bathing suit) with my whistle and life preserver to help make the point.
The lesson was about Victory Verbs in 1 Timothy 6:11-16 where Paul called on us to Flee, Pursue, Fight, Take Hold, and Keep. I used my jogging suit to picture 1) Flee: Things to run from; and 2) Pursue: Things to Chase after. I used my Karate top to illustrate 3) Fight: Things to fight for. The Lifeguard visual was for 4) Take Hold: Things to Grab; and 5) Keep: Things to Never Let Go Of. I think the visuals helped everyone understand Paul's message and maybe accept his challenge.
Nouns are important, but it's the verbs that make things happen.


Deborah said...

Love it!! All those visual learners out there will store that lesson away for a long time.

Remember when you preached that sermon at Fairfax in Mom's pink checkered apron? Or the lesson at Altamesa when you preached barefoot? See, I'm not even a visual learner, and I remembered!!

N.R. Kehn said...

Ooooww... I feel a barefoot Sunday comin' on! ;)

Scott and Ashley said...

Nice! I used to wear a suit and tie every week. Now I usually preach in jeans and an untucked botton down. I had a visitor ask me a couple weeks ago, "Are you gonna tuck that shirt in?" When I said no, he promptly untucked his and said, "Oh, yeah."