Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally, Some Pictures

These are some pictures that Donna took last week. Little Daniel is, of course, a week older now, and, Praise the Lord, bigger and healthier. What a beautiful baby, but then, everyone one of our grand kids have been beautiful babies and that's not just grand parent prejudice coming through.
One of the amazing things about looking at babies that are so new is how they seem to change who they look like from one picture, or one expression, or even one day to the next. One moment Daniel looks so much like a Bills and then the next like a Root. There's no doubting who he belongs to.

And we are just as thankful that Daniel's Mom is doing well. She we able to have a natural delivery instead of the scheduled C-Section, and I'm sure that helps with Deborah recovering quicker. I am thankful that both Mom and baby are doing well, and I'm thankful that Nana was able to spend the better part of two weeks down there helping.
So, as I look at my '09 calendar, I find myself wondering - who's next? My Christmas list is getting longer and longer.


Deborah said...

Wow-wee, that's a pretty baby! Okay, I'm certainly not prejudiced either!

Deborah said...

Oh, and thank you for not putting the "just-came-home-from-the-hospital-extremely-swollen" picture of me on the blog. Thankfully, I'm looking a little more normal now!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all from the Haughts! He is so cute.

elizabeth said...

Such cute pictures...great camera skills, Mom! I love that first one! And, I was also thinking, "oh, I hope he doesn't put that one of them coming home from the hospital...it doesn't even look like Deborah!" :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone might think you were prejudiced, just for posting those pictures! They ARE beautiful!: ) Congratulations!

May your shopping list continue to grow!

Phyllis Russell