Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sack Religious Sunday

One of the many wonderful things about being part of the Lord's family is all the different kinds of victories He gives us. As you see in my last blog, there is the victory that overcomes sin, death, and all the sufferings of this world. Well, this past Sunday, we had another kind of victory. It was the victory over fear, hard times, economic worry, and the temptation to keep rather than give. We called it Sack Religious Sunday and asked members to bring sacks of food that we are gathering to help the North City congregation with their inner city work with children. We pray for this work and helped them in many different ways as they began, and now we just want to support them as they keep kids off the street, teach them, love them, and yes, feed them.
It was so exciting to see folks bring their food offering down to the front of the auditorium and hand it to one of our shepherds. We certainly don't want to be encouraging anyone to do anything good, just to be seen of men, but on this special occasion, we got to share our giving publicly and just stir one another up to share the good things God has given all of us. I especially loved seeing the young people bringing their bags down the aisle.

This is a picture I took from the back right after I got things started. Jerry kept us all singing as everyone came down all three aisles with their gifts.

This is what half of it looked like when we finished. We are either applauding or singing a spirited song of praise. The only problem was they forgot to leave me any room to move up there when I got up to do my lesson. No problem, it was a wonderful reason to stand in one place for a while.
North City gets the food. We got the blessing.

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Scott and Ashley said...

Wow Mike, what a wonderful blessing to that ministry! That's awesome, gave me chills!