Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still Just A Seeker

I wasn't like I hadn't seen her before, but what really caused me to notice her was spending every day of a long Fall chorus trip sitting together, talking, playing Hearts, and sharing oranges. When we returned back to Harding I came back with a clearly developing sense of purpose. I was going to pursue that Donna Sue Curtis girl and see if there was any possibility of a deepening relationship that could develop. I wasn't going to be easy. Her home was about eight miles out of town, as well as the church her family attended - and I had no car. Fortunately, my packing buddy, Tom Martin, was interested in getting to know Donna's sister Kathy, and while that never worked out, it did provide me with a means of transportation to her house, her church, and some much longer trips to see her any way I could. There were obstacles and some, now funny, miscommunication, but by the end of the Spring chorus trip we were engaged. All I had to do next was ask her Dad and Mom for permission to marry her.
I don't share that to take anyone down my Memory Lane but to illustrate a simple point. We've been married for nearly thirty-seven incredible years, have three beautiful children married to wonderful godly spouses, and have been blessed us with six, soon to be seven, grand children. None have that would have happened if there hadn't been a decision, way back when, to pursue a relationship.
Why do we think that a relationship with God will just happen? Why do we think that if we do enough "good things" and just"be good" enough, that one morning we will wake up and discover that "God and I are buds"? Relationships must be pursued, desired, and built. The Bible calls it seeking, and gives us all the tools we need to know God, understand His will, communicate without stopping, be with anytime, and to love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. There are no accidental relationships - relationships that just happen - that just fall into place.
We seek and find! We draw close to Him and He draws close to us! We talk - He answers! His joy and His will is to reward anyone who pursues Him! EVERYTHING having to do with church, assembly, religion, and faith are just tools to help us develop a relationship with God, His Son, and His Spirit.
What kind of relationships would you have (i.e. friends, spouse, family) if you put as much effort into them as you have into being close to God? For anything to be more than an acquaintance, you must be a seeker.


Anonymous said...

And how thankful I am that you pursued our daughter, Donna Sue! You are a blessing to us. May we daily, seek and find what God has for us. Love you. Glenave

Carol said...

What a great illustration, Mike. Intentional living -- pursuing a relationship with God with passion... It's pretty simple, but it's also challenging in a culture where there are so many things that compete for our attention.

Thanks for the good thought.

N.R. Kehn said...

So so true Mike. Thank you for sharing that window of memory lane as an illustration. I enjoyed reading it and it made me do something good thinking. I've persued friendships and they have turned out wonderfully; because of the persuit. Now, sometimes people just "click", but other times, and most times, it takes purpose-driven action. Thanks again Mike, I'll continue to contenplate on this.