Friday, March 27, 2009

One Third of the Way There!

I took these pictures at last nights rehearsal. We have just finished our first month of rehearsals because by the next rehearsal - it will be April, and only nine rehearsal weeks away from the play. I am so proud of everyone. We have been working on the eight praise songs of the seventeen songs in the play. We have a long way to go, but they are doing so well and the sound is incredible. It helps that several of these praise songs are powerful, emotional, and spiritual messages that I pray the audience is touched by as much as they touch me, and I've been listening to most of them since Summer. Some of these songs are very tough musically, and the majority of our group has limited experience and training in choral singing. That's just all the more reason for me to be so proud of what they have done. In the above picture, we had several missing. It's impossible to have a group of fifty-five people and have everyone present for every rehearsal.
This is part of the soprano section having their sectional rehearsal on the last two of the praise songs we worked on last night.

The tenors and basses met in my office to have their sectional rehearsal, and again, we are missing about five guys. Doesn't every C of C preacher's office come with a key board?
And this is some of our alto group. Others are in there, to my right and left, but I couldn't get all in the picture I took from the doorway. All the sectional rehearsing paid off. We closed out the evening by singing both the songs they worked on for most of the two hour rehearsal.
It's going to be an awesome play with some spectacular music. I can't wait for June 4-7!

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