Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I Know How To Spell PLEASE!

I had to disagree with the DVD teacher in a class I attended this morning. I've loved everything he has been talking about, but today he got into the doctrine of total depravity, and boy do I take issue with that. We are born with a sinful nature not born in sin. That innocent baby is what we are all striving to be like. How can a God, who is love, and who made us in His image, declare us sinners before we choose to sin? Aint gonna happen! PA-LEASE!
Then there was the gut lightening I felt the other day as someone told me about how a girl shouldn't be allowed to speak at a devotional. PA-LEASE! And there was the interesting discussion I had with a denominational preacher last week about instrumental music in the church. And then there are the folks who think the church exists to make them feel good, meet all their sacramental needs, secure their favorite traditions, and recite orthodoxy on a weekly basis, and if it doesn't, they'll go some place that does! PA-LEASE!
And then - and then - and then I find myself wondering if the only question God really wants an answer to is "Do you love me?"


Rachel said...

I thought it was "PUH-LEASE." :)

Mike said...

Thanks, but since it's an un-real word, I can spell it any way I want.