Monday, January 05, 2009

Family - Close & Extended

Often, as families age, the only time they see each other is at weddings or funerals. I'm glad that the Root family isn't that way. We manage to see each other at least every couple of months. With the Milom's and Bill's being in Nashville, either they come to St. Louis or we go to Nashville and we manage to be together several times a year. Jonathan and Holly are another story. Being on Broadway, Jonathan can't leave unless it's an emergency or a well planned out vacation time. Being in NY means that time and money will limit the number of times we can get together. That being said, it was nice to all be together to support each other and to honor a loved one - Dean Curtis or Papaw to most of the group. We managed to all step outside of the Judsonia C of C's old building, which is now their fellowship building, and get a quick family picture. It was chilly and the kids didn't really want to stand still very long, but it turned out okay and is now the most up-to-date picture of our whole family. We plan to do it again without it being at a funeral - Lord willing. And in case you can't tell, Deborah and Pat are expecting grand child #6 in early March. Talk about life's circle...
Unfortunately, my brother-in-law, Mark Ennis passed away this past Saturday. My sister Becky has been married to Mark for just under fifty years. Again, it's sad, but expected. Mark has been bedridden and mentally incapacitated for over three years now. Becky has done a wonderful job of taking care of him in their home. Her example of care and devotion is remarkable - but then, she pretty much raised me so I'm a little prejudiced. We will be flying out to WV Wednesday to do the memorial service in Mathias, which is where Lost River State Park is located. A place that holds a lot of wonderful memories of Root vacations when our children where young. Mark and Becky shared a vacation week with us there back then, which is how they knew about Mathias and eventually retired there. We will fly back on Thursday, but that will give us a bit of time to visit with Becky and her family. With loses in both the Curtis family and the Root family, I am especially reminded of what I've repeated over and over through the years. The bottom line of life? Life is all about who you love and who loves you back. Times like this help us keep that in focus.


Anonymous said...

Mike and Donna,

I'm sorry for another loss. It sometimes seems like the old adage "When it rains, it pours" is true. Please know you are in my prayers for safe travel and for warm memories to engulf you, as God gives you the courage to face death - one more time.

Phyllis Russell

Rachel said...

So much loss in such a small amount of time. Safe travels--love you guys!

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry.

Kathy Rose said...

Mike & Donna,

We are so sorry to hear that you have had another loss in your family. Please know that we will continue to pray for your comfort and for your family. I will tell the rest of the small group here. We love you bunches!!

Kathy(Nashville's Disney rep)