Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AreYou What You Watch?

With yesterday being a day off and since I felt miserable due to a winter cold/allergy/Missouri-Crud or whatever, I spent a lot of time vegging out in front of the TV. I enjoy having time to escape to TV land a little bit each day and just letting my brain enjoy some screen-candy. I usually watch The History Channel, The History Channel International, Discovery Channel, The Military Channel, A&E, and the like because they all have a lot of - duh - history stuff. I like learning while watching and it has come in handing many times when preaching and teaching. I do have ten shows on our DVR set to automatically record, but set to only record new shows. I love being able to watch them when I want to, especially since our schedules seem to conflict with the programming on TV. They certainly haven't asked me when to show them. I especially enjoy getting to zoom through the commercials. I was looking at my recording list and noticed that the DVR prioritized the programs I have on the list based on how much I watch each particular show. Here's my list:
1. Jeopardy
2. Leverage
3. Realtree Outdoors
4. The Unit
5. CSI - LV
6. CSI - Miami
7. CSI - NY
8. Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition
9. 24
10. Heroes

I couldn't help but wonder what a psychologist would do with this list in psycho-analyzing me, especially when he found out I was a preacher? I never watch any religious shows, except for an occasional Naked Archeology show. It's on The History Channel International, and he's really not naked. In fact, it's not very religious at all, except it's about Bible land archeology.
Did I mention that it was an escape?


Deborah said...

A psychologist would say, "You must have something seriously wrong with you..."24" is number 9!"

Jack Bauer is certainly FIRST on our "DVR priority list".

..."you're just gonna have to trust me!"...

elizabeth said...

Yikes....I'd probably not like to see what my priority list was. I'm afraid it would be a sad testiment to how many hours I waste watching "nothing." But, I could have guessed Jeopardy was #1 on your list. :)