Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We missed having Jonathan and Holly with us for Thanksgiving. We had enough food for an army, but we still tried to eat it all. It was awesome.
You can see what most of the "good stuff" was here. Don't let the small plates fool you. They were fixing plates for children on this run.

This is the children's table, or as we call it, the "pre-adult table". Good food, followed by a football game, and then, after the kids where all down for the night, we got out a new game for the adults to play called "Loaded Questions". We laughed way too much for people who had eaten as much as we did. It's been wonderful having everyone here all week. Chad and I even managed to get in a couple of hunts, but the best part is just being together. One of these days, we may even get to have Jonathan and Holly with us.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.

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