Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Control Nut Test

I thought this was an appropriate election day picture. I took it last week when two trees across the street were so full of color. I was only going to take the one picture below, but as I stood there, I saw the Stars and Stripes blowing behind it and I decided to take this. The picture below shows the location a little better. The two bare trees are the ones I usually take pictures of as they've been bright yellow every year, but this year, our first non dry Fall, they just turned brownish yellow and fell off. The next neighbor over had the pretty trees this year. I wish we had some trees in our yard - but then again - we have a pond.
My family would have enjoyed my comments Sunday morning about why we like to control our future by planning and being time conscious. Some of us are a little more OCD than others. Like I said Sunday, I like to think of it as being more organized than others. Anyway, as per the previous blog, I though I'd share The Control Nut Test I came up with as part of my Introduction for my lesson Sunday.
Are You A Control Nut?
1. You're 30 minutes into a trip and you realize that you've left your watch at home. Would you...
A. Turn around immediately and go get it.
B. Tie your cell phone to your wrist and use it as a watch
C. It would never happen! It's impossible for you to go 30 minutes without checking your watch.
2. When you go on a vacation...
A. The only thing unplanned is the potty breaks
B. You never lose your sun glasses because they're always with your Day Timer
C. You take comfort in knowing that if you ever get stranded, you can always build a bond fire with all the maps, menus, and budget sheets you have with you.
3. When you go shopping for Christmas...
A. You prefer the "after Easter sale" over the 4th of July sale
B. Your shopping list is alphabetical, chronological, and interchangeable with birthdays and anniversaries
C. You think that clocks, watches, and egg timers are universally appropriate gifts for all ages
4. During the Sunday morning assembly (called church by some)...
A. Checking your watch is an "act of worship"
B. You've trained your stomach to growl at 11:30 (or whenever your assembly is supposed to end)
5. You may be a control nut if...
A. You plan to retire but fail to repent
B. You insure every possession but possess no salvation
C. You love to be known as a Christian, but you don't do anything to love Christians
D. You find it impossible to believe that Jesus will return before you decide to Be Real!
The real problem with being a control nut, is that we are trusting ourselves more than we are God. Maybe that's part of the freedom He wants us to have. Free from trying to think we are in control of anything.

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elizabeth said...

How funny! And, so perfect on this day for me as I feel like so many things are out of my control. Yes, God will teach me to just "let go" through these kind of days. By your quiz, I am definitely a control nut!