Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reflecting On Obama

I liked Barack Obama from the first time I heard about him and heard him speak four years ago. I even agree with several of his political ideas for the country. But, as I mentioned a few blogs back, I can't in good conscience vote for anyone who is not interested in protecting the lives of the unborn. That having been said, I'm still excited about our new President elect. I never liked and I reject all the fear-mongering that has been flooding my emails and being spoken by many who think anyone new is going to cause our country, our constitution, and our rights to be discarded. I'm excited that so many seem to be energized by him and have a sense of hope about the future. Anything that restores some good feelings about our government, especially our executive branch, has got to help. I'm excited about having some new thinking, some young thinking, in our leadership. It brings back good feelings to think of kids in the White House again, and having a good, healthy family for so many to see and emulate. I'm excited to have someone sharp and articulate as my leader who can handle interviews and spontaneous questions, and look cool and calm while doing it. And I'm especially proud to see anything happen that destroys those racial barriers that have been ugly scars on our America the beautiful.
He will be my President - not a party leader, but my President! And I wish him success, because I want our country to have success. I will pray for him, like I have for every one of my Presidents since I started praying. I pray that as he helps to build national and international pride in America, he will help our nation rebuild a strong sense of values and integrity.
I am thankful for President Bush. I truly believe that he is a good man and that history will show him to be a far more effective President than the popular polls do now. I personally believe that his biggest mistake was poor public relations more than poor leadership. Nevertheless, if Obama can help heal our nation and unite the divisive partisanship that has been growing for twenty years - may God help and bless him, and may all of us support him.


Deborah said...

As usual...well said, Dad!

I love the positive, Christ-like attitude you display in your writing (and in your life, for that matter!).

elizabeth said...

Yep...I copy and paste what D said. :)