Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Stop And Smell the Berries

No, Donna is not holding up plums but blackberries. We drove over to Eckerts, a pick-your-own orchard just outside of Grafton, IL. We picked this half gallon of berries in about ten minutes - not counting the ones Donna ate before they hit the bucket. These are seedless and the vines are thorn-less. How nice is that? I'm not a huge fan of blackberries, at least not like Donna is, but I might become one after trying these super-sweet seedless giants - in a cobbler of course. I am a huge fan of fresh peaches and this place had them already picked and ready for eating. It was a fun time, especially since we went earlier in the morning and did it before the triple digit temps hit on Monday.
I kept thinking about all kinds of lessons I could make about the fruit we picked and comparing it to the Fruit of the Spirit. You know like picking only the ones you like or that are easy or thorn-less. Or getting only the ones that someone else picked for us. Or acquiring them when it's cool and convenient. So forth and so on... You can probably make you own lessons. It was just a nice time for us to get away and enjoy getting some things that we hope will entice our kids to come visit us sooner - - - can't you taste the peach pie already? Wait, isn't patience one of the Fruit of the Spirit...

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Donna said...

Can you see the blackberry stain on my teeth? :) Boy, are those things good!