Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fighting Sin

Since writing the last blog about being comfortable with our sins, several people have asked for copies of my outline from that Sunday evening class. Unfortunately, my class came from a sheet of paper with notes all over the place, including top, bottom, and margins, which I did intentionally so that I could let my heart, and hopefully the Holy Spirit, guide me through what needed to be said. That being said, anyone who knows me knows that my driving principles in teaching and preaching are three-fold. It must be biblical, logical, and simple. So there was a very rough outline in what I said. With the possible chance that it may bless others, I want to share the main points. The title is Fighting Sin - Fighting Addiction. Here are the bones:
A. We must recognize we are slave to something - Romans 6:15-18
B. Sin is terrible, addicting, and means we aren't in control.
C. We must honestly remember why we do it - James 4:1-10
D. Addiction triangle: B= belief, leads to A= action, brings C = results, which whether negative or positive feed the belief that we can fill the void in our heart with something. We must change the Belief part - about self & what we need.
E. How to fight?
1. Desire to change. Nothing happens until we want it to.
2. Be accountable for our sins. Confront secret sin. God wants a broken heart. To Him there is no big sin vs. little sins, like society teaches us. Acts 8:18-24 what's the big deal?
3. Get help! We can't do it alone. We need friends to trust & hold us accountable. One another stuff was given to us as a support system. What does God call help? Church! Acts 2:41-47 shows his original intent for people helping people in Christ.
4. Do some Mental Reprogramming of your thinking. Change the belief about yourself. Think powerful and enjoyable thoughts. Phil.4:8 Replace bad stuff w/ good, Eph.5:18. Use songs & prayers to remove evil thoughts.
5. Change your actions. Do things you enjoy that aren't sinful. Too busy to sin. Do what builds self-esteem (healthy). Don't miss things that are positive = church.
6. Help some one else fight sin & addiction. Gave rather than have self-pity. Barnabas helped those who failed -maybe he had been one. (Paul & Mark)
Nothing that improves life happens by accident. We choose it!

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