Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staying A Head!

I always love to read my daughter's blogs about the funny things our grand children say. It's always so cute and precious. I love it when they use words in an incorrect way or at the appropriate time. So why is it that when you're fifty-seven and you totally massacre the English language it's about as far from cute as it can be? This morning I was reporting to my lovely wife what my doctor said about me at my check up earlier in the day. I meant to say, "He's sending me to a dermatologist." Unfortunately, what I said was, "He's sending me to a taxidermist."

I don't know - call me crazy, but there was something incredibly hilarious about my doctor sending me to someone who was going to mount my head on plaque and hang it on the wall of our house with my deer heads. Actually, Donna laughed much more than I did. She could probably visualize a whole new decor for our house once I'm gone. Hmmm. I wonder if it's cheaper than a funeral?

Anyway, was it a Freudian slip, as I've been thinking about our hunting trip to Colorado in three weeks? Was it my subconscious desire to increase my trophy collection? Was it really my discomfort with the idea of a total stranger checking every inch of my skin with a magnifying class? Ah, perhaps I doth psycho-analyse myself too much. It was all just a mouth talking in gear while the brain was still in neutral. Still, if I don't make it back from the dermatologist in one piece - well, maybe I really will be an "off-the-wall-preacher". Ha!


Kathy said...

Ha, Ha!!! Pretty "punny". I think you were thinking about Colorado. Why wouldn't you be! Slay one for my hubby!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. Curt and I just got home from small group Bible study.Dave presented all of us with a copy of The Shack. He has read it and was so blown away by it that he wanted to share it with us. I'm looking forward to getting into it. We miss you and Donna. We think and speak of the two of you often. We love you both.
Curt and Inez

carol said...

Now that was funny! I look forward to seeing you and Donna later this week!