Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permit In Hand

After showing several pictures over the last year and a half about the transformation of our basement, I thought it only appropriate to have a final blog about it's FINAL FINISHED CONDITION! Yes, it is really done. I'm holding the County permit in my little hands, which we really got last month, but I didn't get the base board molding finished until this past Saturday, and the caulking on yesterday. Notice the nice, neat, white trim around the carpet. It's tempting to put off the little finishing stuff, but I am so ready to start decorating it. We've got stuff in the store room that we haven't unpacked or looked at since we moved into this house three and a half years ago. As you can see, we've had the grand kids toys down there for several weeks already. Anyway, we're happy and just wanted to share it with you. We will get a chance to truly "break it in" next month as we host all our elders, ministers, and wives at our house for dinner. With the new twelve shepherds coming on board this next Sunday, that will be about 42 people in for dinner. With the two levels available, we plan to split the men and women up after dinner to allow the experienced leaders to share some insights with the new leaders - and of course, to pray. So visualize this space with some long tables and folding chairs. I am very thankful that we have the space to do just that kind of thing. God is good!


elizabeth said...

Job well done, Dad!

Deborah said...

YEA!! It looks maahhh-velous!